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Page Updated 22.02.18

Snowdrop Class - Year 1

Teachers: Mrs Mistry & Mrs Turner
Teaching Assistants: Mrs Woodyer-Ward, Ms Rogers & Mrs Miozga

Antarctica and Emperor penguins
We have been busy learning about Antarctica and Emperor penguins, as part of our 'Frozen Planet' topic.

We followed instructions to make a penguin headband. After that, we all waddled off outside into the playground. Then we re-enacted a penguin huddle. Emperor penguins huddle together to keep warm in the cold Antarctic winter, when temperatures plummet to -20 degrees Celsius, or below!

To prevent themselves from freezing, they huddle together in closely packed groups to conserve heat and shelter themselves from the harsh winds. They even swap places so that they all get a chance to be in the 'hot spot' in the middle of the huddle. Great team work!

We had great fun creating our own penguin huddle and we took turns to be in the middle. It was a cold day but not as cold as Antarctica!