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Headteacher: Mrs Amanda Willis
Page Updated 30.01.18

Buttercup Class - Year 2

Teacher: Mrs Dickinson
Teaching Assistants: Mr Godwin

Porridge Party

On Friday 26th January, Buttercups enjoyed a Porridge Party in the library. We all made porridge and then sampled different toppings to find our favorites.

We are going to use this experience to help us write our version of the Magic Porridge Pot next week.

Science Open Morning

Finding out what makes a good parachute

For our Science Open Morning, the children enjoyed experimenting with lots of different materials to find out what makes the best parachutes. They had fabric, felt, napkins, party hats and lots of different and interesting materials that they had all decided they wanted.

They all worked brilliantly, with lots of scientific thinking taking place.

The winning team from our class was Team 5 - Evadne, Elliot and Finley. They also won the Key Stage 1 Science Open Day competition so a huge well done to them!