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Page Updated 15.02.19

Bluebell Class - Year 3

Teachers: Mrs Warner-King & Mrs Turner
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Buckland

Wantage Museum:
Wednesday 13th February, Year 3 visited Wantage museum. We carried out 2 workshops. The morning we spent carrying out 3 workshops on rocks and fossils. We created clay tablets depicting the different layers of the soil and fossils and artefacts that are found in them. We also looked at how the local area was once underwater and how fossils would have been formed.

The final workshop was looking at the local buildings and structures. We investigated what the most permeable rock would be used to make houses and how they have developed over the years.

After lunch we carried out Stone Age activities.

We became archaeologists and looked at different artefacts. We had to identify which 'age' they came from, Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age and within the Stone Age there were 3 different time periods, Paleolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic. We also learnt that the Stone Age lasted for about 3 millions years! We then presented our findings from our 'digs' to the whole class. Teaching them where and when the artefacts came from.

Monday 11th February, year 3 visited Forest School with Mrs Finney. It brought back many happy memories from when they were in Foundation!

The children learnt how to build a fire, then they were able to go and explore the area. Some children made Stone ages houses, others made stone age food recipes (lots of mud pies were made!)

The afternoon was finished with a nice hot chocolate and some snacks around the campfire. The thinking stick was past around and the children described what they had enjoyed about the afternoon.

Lots of fun was had! Thank you very much Mrs Finney!