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Bluebell Class - Year 3

Teachers: Mrs Warner-King & Mrs Turner
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Buckland

On Wednesday 14th November we went to the SS Great Britain in Bristol.

We took a tour of the Dry Dock and the museum. Here we got 1st Class Boarding passes and we could actually be a passenger who had been on board 1843.

We also got tickets that we could emboss with stamps for each country the ship would have visited. We tried on some clothes that first class passengers would have worn.

After lunch we had a tour of the ship from Captain Sarah. She showed us around the weather deck, where the 3rd and 4th class passengers travelled along with the livestock. We could see how the captain would have ordered directions from the captains bridge and sent the 'little nippers' to pass messages to other members of the crew.

We went below deck and saw how the 1st class passengers would have got to eat in the saloon as well as their luxury accommodation. We visited a galley kitchen and saw how the food would have been prepared, in amongst all the cats and rats that were on board.
  • Joel - I enjoyed having to clean the deck!
  • Ella - I enjoyed going around the ship and looking for the models of characters on board.
  • Beth - I enjoyed looking at the artefacts that showed you what it would have been like on board. I
  • Gabriella - I enjoyed the first class because it was very posh.
  • Dewi - I learnt that the ship carried lots of animals.
  • Oraltih - I learnt that the ship travelled 1 million miles.
  • Stanley - I learnt that the boat was made out of iron.

Captain Sarah called us a 1st class School. We had an excellent day!