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Bluebell Class - Year 3

Teachers: Mrs Warner-King & Mrs Adamson
Teaching Assistants: Mrs Buckland & Mrs Edwards

Forest School
What a great end to the half term! Bluebell Class accompanied Sunflower Class to Forest School to explore a woodland habitat. Inside the wooded area we went on a micro hike, looking closely at what was along the string. Using our sense of smell we created woodland perfumes which were earthy, fresh and woody. We listened to the sound of the wind in the trees and finally hugged trees to feel the life in them.

In our topic work we have been learning about rainforest environments and about the different layers. We looked at the layers in the wood and discovered that deciduous woodland also has different layers.

Mrs Finney and her helpers treated us to hot chocolate and popcorn around the fire and we enjoyed playing with the trees.

At the end of our morning we reflected on what we had enjoyed and below our just a few of the comments.

  • "I enjoyed everything especially hugging the tree."
  • "I enjoyed making the perfume with Skye and playing with Darcy."
  • "I enjoyed everything especially going through the stinging nettles and going a calm place and I really loved it."
  • "I loved drinking the hot chocolate and climbing the trees."
  • "I loved everything today."