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Bluebell Class - Year 3

Teachers: Mrs Warner-King & Mrs Adamson
Teaching Assistants: Mrs Buckland & Mrs Edwards

Living Rainforest
On Wednesday 15th November Bluebell Class went to The Living Rainforest in Newbury.

We started the day with a tour of the Rainforest. We had 2 tour guides who taught us a lot about how they kept the animals and plants. The guides were very impressed with our knowledge of how plants and animals adapt to their habitats and environments. We already knew about drip tips, and we learnt how banana plants got rid of water, by using their gutter vein and how the black magic plants let the water bounce off their leaves like a trampoline.

We learnt which animals lived in which layer of the rainforest and how the Chinese water dragon survives by using camouflage as a defence. The Geoldi Monkeys have 40 vocalisations to communicate, they are small in size, they are black for camouflage and have claws on their feet and long tails for climbing, jumping and balancing.

We learnt about the 'Jewels of the Rainforest' the poison dart frogs and how they have adapted to be so brightly coloured to scare other predators away by giving them a warning.

After our tours we had some free time in the rainforest, we split into groups and completed a work booklet, finding information from around the rainforest.

We then had our lunch, visited the gift shop and went to the park! The children had a fantastic day and asked lots of brilliant questions.

Many thanks to Eddie and Lexie for being the class photographer and reporter for this trip.