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Page Updated 05.01.17

Forget-me-not Class - Year 6

Teachers: Mrs Dharmasiri &
Mrs Turner
Teaching Assistants: Mrs Peel, Mr Collins &
Mrs Miozga

Year 6 started their new term by spending the day learning about The Maya.

They examined and discussed artefacts which gave them some clues about the Maya beliefs and everyday life.

They were fantastic detectives and were able to make really accurate guesses about the culture of the Maya. They made timelines and then studied masks which the Maya used for war, ceremonies and death. After designing and planning they chose which materials to decorate their masks with and began making them.

After lunch, they continued with their masks but also learned a little about the food of the Maya by making and cooking tortilla, with fresh salsa and guacamole. Some of the children were brave enough to try these dishes for the very first time. There are definitely some budding chefs in Year 6 with some excellent chopping skills.

It was a really interesting day and a lovely way to start the topic.