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Page Updated 09.11.16

Forget-me-not Class - Year 6

Teachers: Mrs Dharmasiri &
Mrs Turner
Teaching Assistants: Mrs Peel, Mr Collins &
Mrs Miozga

During the past 2 weeks, Year 6 have welcomed 2 visitors to their class, to hear about their experiences of World War 2.

Caitlin Summer's gran shared her experience of being a child in Bristol during the war. She and her parents chose not to have her evacuated, and she explained how she spent many nights in the Anderson Shelter in her garden, seeking protection from the bombing.

Mrs Adamson's mum told the class about her experience as an evacuee. She was billeted to a house where she was not made to feel welcome. She had a miserable time, but fortunately when her parents came to visit her, they realised her distress and took her back home.

The class listened in awe to these first hand experiences and would like to thank both ladies for giving up their time to come and talk to them.