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Page Updated 10.01.18

Forget-me-not Class - Year 6

Teachers: Mrs Dharmasiri &
Mrs Turner
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Miozga

Year 6 have been learning about their new topic, The Mysterious Maya.

By exploring artefacts, asking questions, looking at timelines and maps, the children are beginning to understand about once great civilisation, when they existed, where in the world and a little about their culture.

They had a wonderful time making Hot Chocolate. The Maya made their chocolate drink using cocoa paste, water and chilli. They didn't have sugar for their drink, so the direct translation of the name of their drink was "Bitter Water". We used chocolate, sugar, milk and of course whipped cream for our hot chocolate, but we did add some cinnamon and cayenne pepper for a bit of a "kick".

All of the children tried it and you can tell from the photos, there are some mixed reactions