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Forget-me-not Class - Year 6

Teachers: Mrs Dharmasiri &
Mrs Turner
Teaching Assistants: Mrs Peel, Mr Collins &
Mrs Miozga

IMPS at Witney Hospital:
What we did at IMPS.

When we arrived at Witney Hospital, we were split into two groups. Our group headed into the MIU (minor injuries unit) and were shown all the vital equipment needed - oxygen tanks, monitors as well as the different rooms like x-ray and the plaster room. A pulse-ox meter was placed on Owyn's index finger, which recorded his heart rate and oxygen levels in his blood.

From there we went to the Windrush Health Centre to see the various scenarios that can cause certain injuries such as burns, cuts, electrocution and road traffic accidents. Whilst we were there, we had our fingers plastered.

After that we went to the CPR room, where we were taught how to give CPR. We learnt the DRS ABC:

D= Danger
R= Response
A= Airways
B= Breathing
C= Call 999
Then if required give CPR or put the person in the recovery position.

We also learnt how to follow the instructions on a defibrillator.