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Page Updated 15.10.20

Forget-me-not Class - Year 6

Teachers: Mrs Dharmasiri & Mrs Watkin
Teaching Assistants: Mrs Miozga & Mrs Buckland

WW 2 Evacuees:

Because we can't have visitors into school at the moment, Year 6 used the wonders of modern technology to video call a WW2 evacuee to find out about her story.

Mrs Adamson's mum (Mrs Andrews) told us all about her sad experiences as an evacuee in Blackpool in early 1940. She also shared some of her poetry with us. We also heard from Mr Andrews about his WW2 memories.

Mrs Andrew's final words of wisdom to us before the call ended were, "Remember children, read. Books are your greatest friends."

Hill End:

Year 6 enjoyed a lovely sunny day at Hill End for a WW2 themed day linked to their current topic. During the morning, they learned how to crack a code using the Enigma Machine, followed by drill practise as members of the Home Guard. They carried out an ambush activity in the woods as well as building a den for their undercover Auxilliary Unit.

After a break for lunch and a play in the sunshine, they explored an Anderson Shelter and heard about a stray German bomb which dropped very close to the Hill End Centre. They also explored some 1940s artefacts and enjoyed plenty of dressing up!

Thank you to Mrs Peel, Mrs Miozga and Mrs Buckland for accompanying the trip and a big thank you to all family members who transported the children to and from the centre. We had a fantastic day.