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Page Updated 25.09.17

Forget-me-not Class - Year 6

Teachers: Mrs Dharmasiri &
Mrs Turner
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Miozga

What a exciting day we all had at Coleshill on Friday 22nd September.

Arriving at school in our camouflage gear caused quite a stir in the playground, little did we know what lay ahead for us. Playing the role of spies undergoing intensive training in the grounds of Coleshill House, we learned how to throw grenades, creep up on guards and kill them silently, what it was like underground in an OB (Operational Base) and how to gain permission to be allowed passed the Guard House. After our lunch (based on WW2 rations), we sent and deciphered messages in different codes, debated who was giving away our secrets to the enemy and searched for hidden messages in the orchard.

All of the activities were supervised by National Trust volunteers who had so much knowledge about what happened in Coleshill during WW2.

There is one more Open Day at Coleshill this Autumn for families to go and find out more about this fascinating place on October 8th (see National Trust website for details).

World War II
As well as looking into the reasons why World War 2 started, Year 6 have been thinking about The Blitz.

Using a crayon background with a covering of paint, they are creating scratch effect pictures. Creating a London skyline is quite a challenge but the finished results are going to be amazing.

Look out for them on display in the classroom very soon.