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Gardening Club


A huge thank you to the local Co-Op for allowing us to sell our home grown tomato plants - we have made a whopping £44 towards our compost bags for September - once again Thank You! (see below)
A big Thank You to Mr Aimes for making our hedgehog ladder for our pond - the hedgehogs visit our pond for a swim and a drink.

Water Fight and Picnic:
The end of the school gardening club went well with our water fight and picnic.

Thank You to all the parents who sent in food to share for our picnic - as you can see on the faces - it went well and lots of fun was had by everyone.

We celebrated with a visit from Dorothy from the Grange and ex-students came to join the fun!

Thank You to Lin for all her help with the smooth running of gardening club - we couldn't have done half as much without her help - so again a big thank you!

Happy holidays and see you in September.

July 3rd:
What a busy day in our gardening world!

We took our tomato plants to the Co-Op to sell to the wider community - all proceeds will go towards more compost bags for September.

Today we divided our lupin plants and they will be ready to plant around the grounds. We had groups of children using the "helping hands" to collect rubbish from the grounds and we managed to nearly fill a flower pot full! During the session some children did pond dipping and we managed to spot some crested newts - which was very exciting!

Next week is our final end of year meeting so we plan to have our end of year celebration - picnic and water fight - so please bring some food to share with our gardening members.

Harry was awarded the "Gardener of the Week" - which was very exciting for Harry as he got to distribute the biscuits to his friends.

And finally our Monster Pumpkins are growing fast - what a day in the world of gardening!

Spring Bulb Champion 2019:

Read the report on Riley's work on this project on the National Museum of Wales Blog.

Mrs Finney nominated Riley for the RHS School Gardeners' Award even though Riley wasn't shortlisted this time - Riley was recognised for his contribution to the school grounds and the wider community.

Watch this space for next year! As Riley is a true winner in our school gardening community.

RHS Wisley Pallet Garden:
On Thursday the 23rd of May we set off to RHS Wisley to erect our Pallet garden - this year we grew strawberries as our spectacular plant as everyone loves fresh strawberries.

The weather shone down on us and we managed to work together to complete our display - it looked stunning even if we said it ourselves.

We all had a tiring but fabulous day and we had time to look at the other schools which we really enjoyed looking at all the different ideas.

Many thanks to the parents who sent in some delicious picnic food and to Riley and his Nan for making a birthday cake to share - it went down well!

A very Special berry Thank You to Ms Scrace for helping Riley and Poppy put the strawberry scarecrow together and the fabulous bunting - it looked amazing. We should hear after our half term how we did!

Report by Riley:

On Thursday 23rd May four members of the gardening club went to RHS Wisley. The group consisted of Riley, Poppy, Tammy & Rhys.

The aim this year was to create a scarecrow using different types of plants.

Our scarecrow was based on strawberries and we had been taking care of them by watering them and making sure they had lots of sunshine.

To help the environment we planted them re-used hessian sacks. Thank you to Mrs Finney and all the volunteers who helped out. At the end we were treated to a play in the park and an ice cream! It was great fun!

Monster Pumpkin Update 28.06.19

On Friday 24th May we planted out our two germinated pumpkins - and what a way to celebrate by eating left over birthday cake!

We are having a friendly competition against Wanborough school near Swindon - let the fun competition begin!


One looking better than the other one !

Wanborough's Pumpkins 24.05.19:



Ground Force Day:

On Sunday 19th May Gardening Club members and their families joined forces with some Co-op members and helped give our growing grounds a good tidy!

The end results look fab - Thank You to everyone who came and helped.

National Gardening Week:
As part of the National Gardening Week we have joined forces with 250 RHS schools to participate in the MONSTER PUMPKIN competition...

On the 1st May we planted our two seeds so hopefully we should start to see our seedlings within the next 3-7 days.

We plan to plant out our seedlings towards the end of May in our compost area. Then the fun begins... watching our pumpkins grow.

We will need to submit our results to RHS on Friday 27th September.

Edina Trust Bulb Project

From the Edina Trust Project:


Stanford in the Vale Primary is one of our five winners for the Bulb Project photo competition!!

Thank you so much for sharing your photographs! (And letting us visit your school!!) Along with a certificate, your school has won a prizes!

We look forward to hearing how your daffodils and crocuses are growing!"
On Wednesday 17th October Gardening Club had two very important visitors from the Edina Trust Bulb Project to help us plant our daffodil and crocus bulbs into pots and then 20 daffodil bulbs into the ground - we also planted 5 mystery bulbs into the ground - we had lots of fun trying to guess the bulbs!

This year we have 175 schools taking part in this investigation - 85 schools from Wales, 44 from England, 27 from Scotland and for the first time this year 19 schools from Northern Ireland.

On the 5th November we shall begin to record weather recordings / rainfall - then submit the data online to Museum Wales until 29th March!

Learning Outcomes:
  • What bulbs are and what they need to grow.
  • Taking measurements
  • Following instructions and following a scientific method to create a fair test - will the bulbs in pots flower first ? Or the bulbs in the ground?

Hypotheses to be tested in the 2018- 19 Project:
  1. Schools that record higher temperatures during the Bulb Project will have the earliest flowering daffodils. The effect of temperature will be pronounced with the daffodils in pots compared to those in the ground.
  2. Schools that record more daily rainfall during this investigation will have the earliest flowering daffodils.
  3. On average, daffodils in pots will flower before those planted in the ground.
  4. Higher temperatures will produce taller daffodils.
  5. High levels of rainfall will record taller daffodils.

This is our 10th year taking part in this important investigation, so let's hope this year we have a chance of winning a Gardening Club Prize!