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Stanford in the vale CE Primary SchoolStanford in the vale CE Primary School
High Street Stanford In The Vale Faringdon Oxon. SN7 8LH
Tel: 01367 710474 Fax: 01367 718429
Headteacher: Mrs Amanda Willis
Siams Outstanding and Ofsted Good Provider
Siams Outstanding and Ofsted Good Provider
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Contact Details:

School Contact Number :
01367 710474

On behalf of the Breakfast and After School club team we would like to invite you into the world of play through fun and adventure, in line with 'The Play Principles' to suit individual needs in play for each child.

Breakfast Club :

Monday to Friday : Is run by Mrs Finney, Mrs Jones and Miss Conder

Serving times from 8am until 8.30am with 10 extra minutes to play and clear away the library ready to be used as a classroom. The children will go into class at 8.40am.

Price per child £2.50 per session when booked in and paid in advance and £3.00 if not booked in.

The club is situated in the library alongside the playground/field area which the children are able to use after the children have had their breakfast, or play board games, draw or colour pictures, use the computers, or just sit and chatter to their friends.

On fine weather days Breakfast may be served outside, the children love doing this. Opening times are from 8.00am to 8.40am.

At breakfast the children said;

  • Really like it because you can play
  • I love the choice of cereals the club has
  • It's fun
  • I love chocolate spread on toast
  • Breakfast club is fun, we get to wake up the chickens and go onto the computers
  • I love getting the chickens up in the morning on the school field, it's great when they lay eggs too
  • I love the computers
  • Awesome
  • Happy
  • It's good fun and I feel safe
Parents' comments
  • A lovely safe environment for my boys - so we're happy
  • The Breakfast Club is a life saver, it allows me to get to work and my children have fun in a safe environment.

After School Club: Monday to Thursday - Mrs Moore and Mrs Jones

Parents please note:

Please can children dress warm for the winter months as we do like to go out in the afternoon to the park and walk around the village and maybe splash in the odd puddles! If this is the case we plan to return to the library by 5pm

The structure of the sessions are fluid and adaptable, enabling each day to go with the flow of the mood of the children, the weather and other factors, i.e. a focused activity maybe to do with festivals at certain times of the year, which we like all of the children to get involved with if possible.

  • 3.15pm Children arrive at the Library for the club (the location for the after school club).
  • Between 3.15 & 4.15pm children are given a light tea and drink, to keep them going until they go home.

The children do have the opportunity to play with toys/games in the library if they wish to. During each term, we offer adult focused activities, to coincide with festivals or celebrations during the year. The children are very happy at the club, and love the freedom or free self-chosen play. Some children arrive later to the club, due to activity clubs in and around the school grounds after school. On these days, children that have arrived are usually happy to either, play board games, play on the computers, draw, colour, or make something in a creative way.

When all of the children have arrived (which is usually around 4.15pm) that is when we can go outside to play. If there are no other clubs running, then, weather permitting, including snowy days, the staff will offer to take the children outside either on the school field, woods, trim trail areas, or other areas around the village i.e. the Play Park, or the Millennium Green, in which the children love to go there.

  • After School Club open times from 3.15pm to 5.30pm (when the school is closed for the night)
  • Price per child £12.00 per session when booked in and paid in advance or £14.00 if not booked in.
After school club the children said;
  • I after school club
  • Happy
  • Fun-Dappy-Do!
  • It's great to be with my friends and I feel safe
  • I enjoy it, it's fun
  • It's brilliant as you get to free play; you're not told what you have to do
  • It's Awesome; it's the best club ever
  • I think after school club is brilliant
  • It's fantastic as you get to do fun things
  • Fun to be around different ages, so you can make new friends

Please contact the school if you wish to register your child with the clubs, thank you.

Kind regards
The Playwork Team

Stanford-in-the-Vale School is part of the government Tax Free Childcare Scheme.

For more information, visit www.childcarechoices.gov.uk