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Page Updated 06.10.16

Harvest Service

On Friday 30th September we had our Harvest Service at St Denys' Church. Thank you for all the wonderful donations that were sent in, there was a lovely range of produce. All the produce will be put into boxes alongside St Denys' donations to create boxes for the elderly and needy in Stanford in the Vale.

The children reminded us of the need to be thankful for all the food we have and to say thank you to everyone who helps grow, prepare and sell the food for us at this special time of the year.

  • Year 4 (Poppy Class) read out a Harvest poem.
  • Year 1 (Snowdrop Class) sang 'Old MacDonald' in their animal masks.
  • Year 5 (Orchid Class) asked us riddles and the children had painted the answers.
  • Foundation (Sunflower Class) sang the Leaves on the tree.
  • Years 2 (Buttercup Class) and 3 (Poppy Class) sang a Harvest Samba.
  • Year 6 (Forget-me-not Class) read out prayers.

Thank you to everyone who attended and to St Denys' for hosting our service. Well done to all the children and staff, especially Foundation Class who did exceptionally well for their first church service.