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Siams Outstanding and Ofsted Good Provider
Page Updated 28.03.22

Mother's Day 2022

On Friday 25th March we held our Mother's Day Service at St Denys Church. It was lovely to have parents in attendance and be able to hold a real service (as the last one was 3 years ago).

The children all thanked their mums for everything they do to look after them and help them.

  • Sunflower Class told us what their mummy means to them - My mummy is beautiful....
  • Orchid Class wrote poems about their mums
  • Bluebell and Poppy Class sang 'Mama'
  • Buttercup Class painted pictures of them and their mums doing something together - hugs / baking...
  • Snowdrop Class produced Mother's Day Cards and read out messages of love
  • Forget-me-not Class read out Mother's Day prayers

The whole school sang a beautiful song called 'Don't Forget' (Mother's Day Song).

It was a lovely service. Many thanks to Mrs Warren for opening and closing the service.

We hope you all had a lovely Mother's Day.