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Page Updated 18.01.19

Science Open Morning

Many thanks to all the staff and children for a wonderful Science Open Morning.

We had 90 parents, grandparents, siblings and members of the community come and look around the school and join in with some of the investigations. The children carried out a range of investigations from creating strong bridge structures, to making their own rockets, designing the best boat, moon and parachute experiments plus much more. It was a busy but productive morning requiring lots of team work.

Some of the quotes left by our visitors included:

  • 'Great to see the children planning and executing science experiments and enjoying it.'
  • 'Fantastic to see how enthusiastic the children were to explain their experiments and discuss their findings - well done!'
  • 'Great experiments and enthusiasm. Some interesting eating experiments.'
  • 'All kids seem to be engaged and enjoying it.'
  • 'Very good practical learning going on. Children were all so focused and enjoying what they were doing. I saw a lot of good science practice.'
  • 'Great to see all the children working together so well.'
  • 'A really fantastic morning. Lots of super science happening. Children so enthusiastic.'
  • 'That was brilliant - the children are so attentive and inspired by the environment and the fun of learning - thank you.'
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