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Updated 14.07.16

Fun and Healthy

Well done we have achieved the School Games Gold Award once again!

This year, schools have received PE and Sport Funding.
This funding must be used to fund improvements to the provision of PE and sport, for the benefit of primary aged children, in the 2015 - 2016 academic year so that they develop healthy lifestyles.
We will receive £8000.00 plus £5.00 per eligible pupil. Report to Parents

On this page you can see some examples of how last year's funds were spent:
Read the full report here...

See 2014-2015 Activities

Sports Leaders
  • Liam and Libby
  • Kyle and Laura
  • Isla and Finley
  • Millie and Euan

We will be working hard over the year to organise lunch time activities and help to run the Golden Mile!

2015-2016 Activities

Year 5/6 Vale Area Athletics Competition
On Wednesday 22nd June our team of ten Year 5 and 6 children competed in the Vale Area Athletics on a wet, soggy morning at Radley College! The team consisted of: Jake, Michael, Euan, Henry, Owyn, Heather, Millie, Megan M, Sofia & Amelie E. All the children took part in a 600m long distance run, a 75m sprint, a vortex howler throw and a standing long jump on lovely facilities at Radley College. The whole team did exceptionally well, with many personal bests! Overall the team came 3rd missing 2nd place by 4 points which equates to 1cm more in a throw/jump or 0.2 seconds faster in a run! They therefore just missed out on going to County Athletics.

Three of the boys ranked in the top eight individual results – Jake again came top scorer with 229, Michael came joint 6th scoring 217 and Euan came joint 8th scoring 215.

Well done to the whole team.

Year 5/6 Wantage Area Athletics Competition
On Monday 20th June a team of ten Year 5 and 6 children competed in the Wantage Area Athletics against eight other teams. The team consisted of: Jake, Michael, Euan, Henry, Owyn, Heather, Millie, Megan M, Sofia & Amelie E. All the children took part in a 600m long distance run, a 75m sprint, a vortex howler throw and a standing long jump. The whole team did exceptionally well, with many personal bests! Overall the team came 1st meaning they are now through to the Vale Athletics Competition. Two of the boys also received individual awards based on their results – Michael achieved the second best boy certificate and Jake achieved the overall best boy certificate.

Well done to the whole team.

Wantage Area Year 3 and 4 Athletics
On Thursday 9th June a group of Year 3 and 4 children went to take part in the Wantage Area Year 3 and 4 Athletics. We all had to take part in a short sprint, long distance run, standing long jump, one rest and vortex throw.

We all did really well and completed every single event to the best of our ability and quite a few of us won our events.

Nine teams took part in total and we came fourth overall, only missing third position by 8 points! Our score was 1305, compared to the first team who scored 1463 points.

The team consisted of: Eloise, Harvey, Nicholas, Ethan P, Laura, Grace, Lily, Heath, Iestyn and Amanda.

Many thanks to the staff who supported us and Mrs Willis you didn't have to run a marathon this year!

Reported by Eloise

Quadkids Athletics Tournament
On Friday, 10 children from Years 1 & 2 went to FCC for a Quadkids athletics tournament.

They competed against 11 other local schools in 4 events - 50m sprint, 300m run, vortex howler throw and a standing long jump.

All of the children performed exceptionally well, even winning the relay at the end of the tournament. When the results were announced, they were thrilled to find that they had come 1st.

All of the children received a gold medal and a certificate. A fantastic result for KS1 - well done Rhook, Mia, Heidi, Ryan. Grace, Mischa, Peter, Billy, Jade & Corey.

A special mention to Grace who was the top performing girl at the event, receiving her own trophy.

Netball at East Hendred
On Monday 23rd of May some members of the Netball club: Megan Rolls, Millie Smith, David Alder, Michael Willis, Amelia Belcher, Josh Barber and Amelie Edwards went to East Hendreds Primary School to play in a tournament.

There were four teams in total: Grove, Hendreds, St Amands and Stanford. We had two new people join us on their first tournament (Josh Barber and Amelie Edwards). They did fantastically for their first ever tournament.

Everyone did extremely well. We drew 2-2 with Grove then we won 4-1 against the Hendrads and finally it was 5-0 against St Amands. Overall we came joint second out of four teams.

Well done to everyone and thank you to our wonderful coaches Mrs Leach and Mrs Edward.

Year 4 Football Tournament
Two teams took part in a football tournament at Tilsley Park in Abingdon.

Team A consisted of William G, Ethan M, Nicholas, James and Harvey. They played five matches, winning four and loosing one.

Team B consisted of Ethan P, Bailey, Solomon, Jake and Tyler. They played four matches, winning two and loosing two.
Well done to all the children. Thank you to Mr Rhodes for coaching the teams and many thanks to all the parents who helped with transport.

Year 5 Tennis
On Monday 16th four people from years 5/6 went to a Tennis Tournament and each played four games and went to the semi-finals, then went to the finals, but sadly we lost them and overall we came 2nd.
We all tried our very best and did not give up even when we were losing. The people who participated were: Liam, Michael, Finley and Nikita.

And thank you to Mrs Peel for driving us and watching us.

Reported by Liam

Year 6 Basketball
On May 5th five children from Year 6 went to a basketball competition.

We played four matches and the first one we won 16-0. The second one we won 4-0. On the third match we drew 0-0.
However on our final match we lost 4-2, which meant we ended up in 4th place out of 24 teams.

The children who participated were: Amelie, Liam, David Cobey and Victor. And thank you to Mr Pearson who drove us there.

Reported by Amelie

Year 4 Tennis
On Wednesday 27th April, 8 Year 4 children took part in a mini red tennis tournament.

The children had 4 matches each to play, the won some, drew some and lost a few. The children were all very professional and were great team players, supporting each other.

The children that took part;
Freddie, Alex, Ethan, Jack, Olivia, Eloise, Harriet and Laura. Also a huge well done to Imogen for stepping up and volunteering to take part when one member of the team was poorly. This showed confidence and good sportsmanship.

Stanford came 3rd out of their league. Well done to all of them.

Many thanks to Mrs Peel and the parents that came to transport children and support the team.

County Netball Final:
On Wednesday 13th April the netball team went to compete in the county finals competition.

We played 10 matches and won 6, drew 1 and lost 3.


School we played


Match 1

Rush Common

We won 2-1

Match 2


We lost 3-0

Match 3

St Michaels

We won 1-0

Match 4

Madley Brook

We lost 4-1

Match 5


We won 1-0

Match 6


We won 3-0

Match 7

St Johns

We won 1-0

Match 8

St Andrews

We won 1-0

Match 9

Hook Norton

We drew 0-0

Match 10

St Josephs

We lost 5-2

The team were:
Michael Willis, David Alder, Cobey Hutt, Amelie Trivedi, Sofia Seijido, Megan Rolls, Millie, Smith and Amelia Belcher.

Many thanks to Mrs Leach and Mrs Edwards for coaching us and getting us this far!

This is the first time in Stanford's history a team has made it to the County Finals.

The team played brilliantly and showed excellent sportsmanship.

We came 5th out of 11 schools with a total of 20 points, the winning team had 25 points so it was a very close competition.

Netball Final:
The netball team went to Larkmead school in Abingdon to compete in the Vale Netball Finals.

We were all nervous and felt like we would not get through. Each match we played was 10 minutes long, our first match was against Long Furlong we played a fast match and drew 1-1.

Then we played Rush Common and won 2-0 our defence worked very hard after listening to Mrs Leach. Up next was Shrivenham a tough match we drew 2-2. Lastly we played West Oxford we played well to win 5-0.

We then had to wait for the results of the competition to be read out.

We actually drew 1st place but as both teams had the same points the winner was decided on goal difference so we had second place. As the top two teams get to go through we are now going to the county finals.

By Millie Smith

Netball Tournament:
On Monday 29th February, eight children from Years 5 and 6 competed at the Wantage Netball Competition at King Alfred's School.

They started the afternoon by playing against four schools in the heats and won all the matches, scoring 17 goals and conceding only 1!

The team then progressed into the knockout rounds with a Quarter Final match against St Amands, which they won. They continued on through the Semi-Final against Grove A and then won through to the Final against St James'.

After a fraught 8 minutes, the team won their match 1-0 and have now progressed on to compete at the Vale Netball Finals on Tuesday 15th March.

We wish them luck! Thank you to their coaches - Mrs Hayward-Leach and Mrs Edwards.

Swimming Finals
On Monday 25th January, 8 children from year 6 went to represent Stanford at the Vale swimming finals. We competed against 15 other schools and swam breaststroke, freestyle, backstroke, butterfly and other medleys.

First it was the boy's freestyle relay; they were in the second heat and did extremely well by coming first! Next were the girls relay and this time they were in the first heat and came fourth. After that Victor and Amelie swam backstroke, followed by Liam and Amelia doing breaststroke, then Euan and Megan doing butterfly and finally for the singles Michael and Isobel were doing freestyle. To finish was the boy's medley.

Overall, the boys came 4th out of 10 schools whilst the girls came 11th, we all had fun!

Many thanks to Mrs Peel for taking us!

Isobel Chester - Year 6

Vale Primary Sportshall Athletics
On Wednesday 20th January, eighteen children from Year 5 and 6 took part in the Vale Primary Sportshall Athletics Competition. All of the children took part in two field events and two track events. The track events consisted of an: obstacle relay, 1+1 lap relay, 2+2 lap relay, 6 lap paarlauf, over/under relay and 4x1 lap relay. The field events consisted of a: chest push, standing long jump, standing triple jump, vertical jump, soft javelin and speed bounce.

Over 180 children and 10 schools took part in the competition.

The children did exceptionally well, winning many of the races in their heat. They were also really good at encouraging their team mates. Well done to Michael, Joshua, Jake, Owyn, Leo, Liam, Oliver B, David, Euan, Amelie, Millie, Sofia, Amber, Isobel, Heather, Megan M, Alana and Isla. The children came out as joint 5th place winners - Well done!

Swimming Gala

On the 10th December, eight children from Year 6 went to a swimming gala in Wantage. All of us participated in three races and one individual race. We all did exceptionally well, with a few of us coming first! Our team consisted of: Michael, Euan, Liam, Victor, Amelie, Amelia, Isobel and Megan M.

In the end the boys team came second and the girls team came joint second. We are very proud and because we came second, we are both going to the Vale Finals.

Reported by Amelie and Euan

Tag Ruby Tournament
On the 9th November we went to the Tag Rugby Tournament in Grove. We played 4 games: drew 2, won 1 and lost 1. Our first game was against Rush Common - Michael scored the first try and Liam the next. We lost 5-2. Next we played Caldecott and won 5-0 - Jake scored 2, Liam 2 and Michael 1. Our 3rd game against Long Furlong, we drew 3-3 - Jake scored 2 and David 1. Our last game against Stockham A we drew 5-5, Jake scored 3 and Sofia 2.

Unfortunately we did not get though to the Quarter finals but we played very well considering we have not done tag rugby for a long time.

The people who took part in this tournament were: Liam (the captain), Michael, David, Amelia, Amelie, Sofia, Jake, Euan, Zoe and Wilf.

Reported by Liam, Michael and Amelie

KS 2 Dance:
KS2 had a morning of dance, they learnt a dance routine to the song Timber. Can you see which moves and shapes we made?!

Lunchtime Clubs

Wantage Schools Cross Country Event
On the 1st October 16 children from years 3-6 went to Wantage park to compete in a cross country competition. We had a year 3/4 girls team, year 3/4 boys team, year 5/6 girls team and year 5/6 boys team. We did extremely well with one or two minor injuries! Amelie Edwards got the highest place (4th) which was amazing! We made the school proud showing good sportsmanship. Many thanks to the parents and teachers that transported us and cheered us on.

By Amelie Trivedi

On Thursday 1st October a group of Key Stage Two children went to Wantage Park to take part in the Wantage Schools Cross Country Event.
  • Kayleigh, Libby, Iestyn & Heath represented Year 3.
  • Laura, Eloise, Harvey & Nicholas represented Year 4.
  • Amelie, Sofia, Dan & Joshua represented Year 5.
  • Megan M, Amelie, Euan & Michael represented Year 6.

They all had to compete in one race around Wantage Park. Year 3 & 4 girls went first, followed by Year 3 & 4 boys, then Year 5 & 6 girls and Year 5 & 6 boys.

About 200 children took part from nine of the Wantage Area Schools.

It was a great event, especially as the weather was so kind to us. The children did exceptionally well and should all be very pleased with themselves.

Many thanks to Miss Warner for organising the event and to the parents who drove and supported their children. It was also lovely to have some past pupils there to support the children - they even made a banner!