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Stanford in the vale CE Primary SchoolStanford in the vale CE Primary School
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Headteacher: Mrs Amanda Willis
Siams Outstanding and Ofsted Good Provider
Siams Outstanding and Ofsted Good Provider
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School Council

School Council consists of twelve children from years one to six. We meet on a Thursday afternoon.

During our meetings we consider suggestions made by the whole school and how they can be made into reality.

We think about how to improve school life by producing things like, playtime rules. We also write monthly reports for the parish newsletter.

Our Playground Rules

School Council 2021 - 2022

Year 1
Holly & Isabel N

Year 2
George & Phoebe

Year 3
James H & Bella

Year 4
Harry & Merryn

Year 5
Edward & Faith

Year 6
Orlaith & Ruby

We are very excited to all be back in school. Teaching and learning is now back in full swing. We are all learning lots of new facts.

Foundation – We are busy exploring the inside and outside of our classroom. We think our new school is amazing! We have made lots of new friends and enjoy playing with them. We are having fun doing ‘squiggle while you wiggle, ‘ running on the field, playing in the role play kitchen and washing the small world barns and horses.

Year One – We are doing lots of reading to help our reading and writing skills. In art we have been exploring primary colours and looking at the colours they make when mixed. We are doing lots of running on the field and have been working on bouncing balls to our partners. We are really enjoying playing with our friends.

Year Two – We really like going back in to the hall for Collective Worship with all the different classes. It has been great listening to the entrance music and singing hymns together. In art we have been exploring fire colours linked to our topic The Great Fire of London. We accompanied ‘Magic Grandad’ and went back in time to see what happened during the Fire of London. We are reading lots of books and writing about them.

Year Three – We are studying the artist, Henri Rousseau, and exploring his use of colour. Mr Chadwick is teaching us to balance on different body parts and we are learning netball skills. We are using the text, ‘The Great Kapok Tree,’ to help our persuasive writing, to stop the man cutting down the tree.

Year Four – We like playing with our younger brothers and sisters on the field at lunchtime, now we can all mix again. In maths we have been learning how to round numbers to 10, 100 and 1000. Mr Chadwick has been teaching us how to create sequences in gymnastics and we have been learning hockey skills. We are studying ‘Alice in Wonderland,’ looking at the character of Alice and stepping out the story.

Year Five – We have been focusing on the text, ‘Emily and the time slip scarab’ – we have stepped it, spoke it, mapped it and heard it. In PE we are learning netball skills and in gymnastics practising different balances – arch, dish, pike and straddle. In art we have drawn different Egyptian Gods and in French learnt about different flags. We have just started having our whole class guitar lessons with Mr Harris, which has been great!

Year Six – We have just started swimming again which is great because we haven’t been able to go for 2 years! In Art we are looking at the work of Banksy and the use of spray painting. We are studying the text, ‘The Lion and the Unicorn,’ which is about our topic World War II. In PE we are learning how to play tag rugby and in science we are learning about the parts of the eye and how light reflects.

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