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Stanford in the vale CE Primary SchoolStanford in the vale CE Primary School
High Street Stanford In The Vale Faringdon Oxon. SN7 8LH
Tel: 01367 710474 Fax: 01367 718429
Headteacher: Mrs Amanda Willis
Siams Outstanding and Ofsted Good Provider
Siams Outstanding and Ofsted Good Provider
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School Prospectus

Our maximum admission number is 30.

Currently we have limited spaces in Foundation, Year 1 and Year 6.

For more information read our Admissions Policy

Oxford County Council admissions.

If you have any further questions about admission contact the school office:

email: office.3240@stanford.oxon.sch.uk

tel: 01367 710474

In Year Applications:

Full information and the electronic application form can be obtained HERE...

Applications for September 2023:

Key dates - Primary Schools

  • 12 September 2022 "Starting School" booklet published online. Printed copies available on request from the Local Authority (LA).
    1 November 2022
    • Online and paper applications accepted from this date.
    15 January 2023
    • National closing date for on-time applications
    30 January 2023
    • Last date for confirmation of change of address and for late applications or changes of preference with extenuating circumstances to be considered as on-time
    17 April 2023
    • Offer letters sent by second-class post where needed and emails sent to those who applied online
    2 May 2023
    • Last date for responding to an offer and for placing a child's name on a Continued Interest List in response to offers made on 19 April
    • Last date for late applications and changes of preference to be considered in the second round of the allocation process
    8 June 2023 Second Allocation Day:
    Offer letters sent by email or second-class post (where necessary) for offers or reoffers
    23 June 2023
    • Deadline to respond to offers made on 8 June
    • Deadline to apply to join Continued Interest List
    September 2023
    • Start of academic year for the Reception year group - most children will start school.
    30 June 2024 Continued Interest List will be discontinued for all schools that are part of the in-year admissions scheme (unless otherwise stated in a school’s admission arrangements)

    Key dates – Secondary Schools

    • 6 September 2022 Applications open.
    • 31 October 2022 Closing date for applications.
    • 1 March 2023 National offer day: look online, receive email and letters are sent out by second class post where needed.
    • September 2023 Start of the school year.