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Headteacher: Mrs Amanda Willis
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Cricket Club Run by Mrs Willis & Mr Alder
Thursday 3.15 - 4.15

Cricket Club is open to all Key Stage Two children, boys and girls.

County Cricket Tournament:
On Wednesday 11th July Ethan P, Freddie, Max, Ryan, Heath, Rhys, Arlo & Alex M went to Kidlington to take part in the County Cricket Tournament.

The boys played exceptionally well and worked together as a team. They played five games over the course of the day, winning two and losing three.
  • Won against Thomas Reade B Team 244 to 243
  • Won against Edward Fields Team 318 to 205
  • Lost against Fringford 303 to 259
  • Lost against Kingham 284 to 213
  • Lost against Sibford 277 to 273
Well done to the boys and thank you to Mr Alder for taking the time out of work to coach and accompany the team.

On Thursday 7th June three Stanford teams took part in a Cricket Tournament at Challow Cricket Club.

The girls' team which consisted of Laura, Eloise, Rosie, Grace A, Holly, Harriet, Olivia and Grace H played during the morning. They played against four other schools during the morning, winning three and loosing one.
  • Stanford 238 v Wantage 224
  • Stanford 248 v Millbrook 254
  • Stanford 251 v St James 226
  • Stanford 241 v St Amands 234
The girls played exceptionally well and encouraged each other. I was particularly impressed because they were the only team to over arm bowl. Overall they came second. Well done girls.

We had two boys' teams. Stanford A consisted of Harvey, Nicholas, William G, Jack, Ethan P, Ryan, Henry, Alex and Stanford B was made up of James, William L, Freddie, Tyler, Bailey, Jayden, Jake E and Max. There were eight teams across two leagues so the boys played three games each to decide their position in the play off. Stanford A won all their games and Stanford B won one of their games.

  • Stanford A 288 v Stockham 216
  • Stanford A 324 v St Nics 179
  • Stanford A 309 v St James 213
  • Stanford B 180 v Wantage 261
  • Stanford B 233 v St Amands 251
  • Stanford B 284 v Millbrook 207
This meant Stanford A had to play Wantage for 1st or 2nd place and Stanford B had to play St James for 5th or 6th place.

Stanford A ended up missing out on 1st place by 5 runs - Stanford A 229 v Wantage 234.

Stanford B obtained 5th place - Stanford B 250 v St James 231.

Well done to all the boys they played so well and should be really impressed with themselves.

On Thursday 18th May we took part in the Wantage Area Cricket Tournament. We had one girls' team competing in the morning and a boys' team competing in the afternoon.

The girls' team consisted of: Nikita, Mia, Sofia, Rosie, Eloise, Laura, Molly and Caitlin. Six different school teams took part. The girls played three teams, winning two and loosing one. Overall they came third.

The boys' team consisted of: Nicholas, Jack, William G, Alex, Leo, Josh, Ethan M and James. Eight different school teams took part. The boys played three teams, winning three and loosing one. Overall they came third (but they did beat the overall winners!)

Well done to all the children who tried really hard with their bowling, batting and fielding.