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Buttercup Class - Year 2

Teacher: Mrs Dickinson
Teaching Assistant: Ms Rogers

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Buttercup Worksheet Week Beginning 18th May

Hi! Welcome to week 5 of the Summer term – only more on week after this and it will be half term!

This week activities include:


This week we will be looking at multiplications.

  • Maths Whizz – try and do 30 minutes this week if you can
  • Daily Maths with BBC Bitesize and White Rose (these run Monday – Thursday only)
  • Have a go at different online games to support multiplication Hit the button, Maths Frame and Purple Mash offer different games and activities.

English – pick 2 or 3 activities over the week, or more if you want

This week, our focus is a newspaper report about a wolf and a little girl called Little Red Riding Hood.

1. Read the newspaper report and highlight or make a note of any words you don’t know. With an adult or even google, can you find out what the words mean? What other words mean the same as your new words?

2. Map the newspaper report – find at least 6 key words or phrases that you would like to magpie and include on your map.

3. Today, you are going to be reading the news – can you retell the newspaper article as a news reporter? Maybe you could create a news desk and record your news, or use puppets to create a enactment. Have fun with it! And don’t forget to send me the videos or photos – try uploading them to the blog too!

4. Researching and identifying key parts of a newspaper. Newspaper articles all have similar features, which make them different from a non-chronological report or even a story. The main features are:

The newspaper’s name

  • The headline – what do you notice about the font (writing) used
  • The reports name – the one in our newspaper made me chuckle! (some online articles may not have this)
  • An introduction paragraph – tells you about the whole story quickly
  • A picture with a caption – a short description of what the picture is about.

Your job today is to have a look at a few different newspapers – online (BBC Newsround, Twinkl newsrooms News for kids, Dogo News, The Day) real ones, and made up ones like ours is. Can you spot the features listed above? Which is the most important? Why?

5. What makes a hilarious, helpful but horrifying headline? Need a clue? Remember when we made alliteration poems using ice cream? Headlines work in the same way. Today, you are tasked with creating some amazing headlines.

There are 3 basic rules to writing an amazing headline:

1. Use no more than ten words

2. Include the main point

3. Use alliteration

Using these rules, can you create your own headlines? First, start by thinking about what the headlines attached might be about. Then, starting with your name (or a family member) write a headline.

Reading and Comprehension

We are starting a new story – Wolf’s New Friends over on Purple Mash. Go and have a look and then complete the activities.

Keep up with your daily reading as much as you can – try a comic or a magazine, or even some news online. It all counts as reading.

Spellings – pick 2 or 3 activities, or more if you want

This week we are looking at compound words. These are two words that are put together to form one word, i.e. white + board = whiteboard. Check out this great BBC bitesize video and game

  • compound addition sentences
  • play Compounding with Grandad or Compound Pairs on Purple Mash (set as 2do’s)
  • create your own spelling word search
  • see how many compound words you can find in and around the house and make a list – (clue – football, snowman).
  • write sentences for each word

SPaG (Spelling, punctuation and grammar)

Take a look at this week’s BBC Bitesize timetable and pick 2 or 3 English activities to have a go at.


Collect information about your local area and environment using a tally chart. You may want to make a note of how many houses there are in your street, how many lampposts there are – the choice is yours! Have a look at this video to remind yourself how to use a tally chart. There is 2Do quiz about tally charts too.


This week’s focus is about staying safe online. Pick 1 or 2 activities to complete

  • 2Do – online safety quiz.
  • Create a poster explaining to young child what internet safety is and how to keep safe – check out Safer Internet for information and guidance
  • Play Gooseberry Planet – and complete a quick fire quiz.


Who lives where and why? Pick one region ( The rainforest, the desert, the Arctic or the ocean) and find out as much as you can about what animals and plants live there. The BBC has some brilliant videos about some of the regions and their habitats, along with National Geographic Kids website.


For the next two weeks, your mission is to design, make and evaluate a castle fit for a Prince or Princess.

See Creative attachment for more details


Don’t forget to join me on Thursday 21st May @10am for a quiz on Zoom

Invitations have been sent out via Parent-Mail

English Week 5

Maths Week 5

Reading Comprehension Week 5

Spellings Week 5

Creative Activities Week 5 and 6

This week, Year 2 have been creating giant giants, checking out micro habitats, planning and writing stories about The Three Little Pigs.

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