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Buttercup Class - Year 2

Teacher: Mrs Dickinson
Teaching Assistant: Ms Rogers

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Buttercup Worksheet Week Beginning 13th July

Buttercup Class – Week 12

(13thth July – 17th July)

Maths – pick 2 or 3 activities over the week, or more if you want.

White Rose / BBC Bitesize– This week’s final focus is telling the time to 5 minutes:

Telling the time to 5 minutes, Hours and Days, Find durations of time, Compare durations of time.

Maths Whizz – aim to complete at least 30 minutes this week on Maths Whizz

Other ideas – keep searching out clocks and telling the time. Create and make your own clock to help you tell the time. There are loads of great ideas on line – or just use a paper plate like I do in school J

English – pick 2 or 3 activities over the week, or more if you want.

This week’s focus will be moving on up to Year 3.

There are memories to write, hopes and dreams for next year and beyond, thinking about your ideal job career (this would be so great to keep until they turn 18!), World Emoji Day and transitional booklets for maths and English. These are attached as PDF’s or make your own.

• My School Year Memory Page – Maybe ask a grown up what their memories are of this year and create them a memory page too.

• My Ideal Job – what would you like to do as a job when you are older. I always wanted to be a teacher, but didn’t realise that dream until I was much much older. Remember – you can be whatever you want to be J

• My Lockdown Memories – I have seen so many amazing photos and videos from you all during this time apart – what have been your favourite memories? One for me will be when Matilda fell over on her Heelys going down a hill and see broke her wrist!

• Chocolate Bar Design – I love chocolate! Can you design your own marvellous creation?

• My Hopes for the New Year – what are you looking forward to learning, what do you want to improve? Bring this in with you when you start in Year 3.

World Emoji Day 17th July

Have a go at some of the activities attached via PDF or create your own! Can you create a poster with as many Emoji’s as you can? What facts can you find out about Emojis? Do your grandparents even know what an Emoji is??

The Mystery of the Missing Moji – maths activity booklet.

• Addition mosaic

• Code breaking with letters

• Code breaking with numbers

Why not create your own secret emoji messages and try them out on your family?

Afternoon Activities

• Why not create your own board game? Base it on your favourite game, fairy tale, or story book – or anything else you’d like. Don’t forget to include the instructions! Or play your favourite game with your favourite person.

• Play on Purple Mash, do some coding, or create something amazing using 2Paint.

• Watch a movie then write a film review. How many stars would you give it?

• Pick a STEM activity and give it a go

• Have a picnic somewhere new, or try a new food for the first time


Resources for Week 12

English Year 3 Transition Activity Booklet

Maths Transition Activity Booklet

Emoji Resources Week 12

The Mystery of the Missing Moji

STEM ideas for Week 12