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Football Club   Run by Mr Rhodes
Year 5 & 6 Tuesday 3.15 - 4.15
Year 3 & 4 Wednesday 3.15 - 4.15

County Schools Final - Years 3 and 4 (mixed)
On Wednesday 5th April, nine children took part in the county schools finals.

They played five games, losing four and drawing one, the standard was pretty high!

  • Lost 4-1 to St Josephs (Alex Scored)
  • Drew 0-0 with the Blake
  • Lost 3-1 to Bishop Loveday (Alex Scored)
  • Lost 2-1 to Goring (Alex Scored)
  • Lost 3-0 to Fritwell in 5th place play off
They battled to the end and never gave up. The team was made up of Henry, Aimee, Jade, Ryan, Billy, Zach, Iestyn, Rhys and Alex.

Thanks to Mr Rhodes for coaching us and for the parents who helped with transport and who came to support the team.

Reported by Alex

St Nicholas:
On Thursday 2nd March the football team played St Nicholas.

We played extremely well in both halves, as we ran our socks off in a mission to win.

Unfortunately we lost 2 - 0. We were up against a whole team of Year 6 boys though and sadly we went a player down as someone got injured.

Thank you to our coach Mr Rhodes.

Reported by Max

Vale Football Tournament:
On Thursday 9th February nine children took part in the Vale Football Tournament.

They played five matches, won three, drew one and lost one.
  • Drew against Stockham 0 - 0
  • Won against Wantage B 6 - 0 with Alex, Ryan and Zach scoring. Alex scored 4 of the goals
  • Won against Faringdon Juniors 5 - 0 with Rhys, Alex and Iestyn scoring. Rhys scored 3 of the goals.
  • Won against Shrivenham 1 - 3 with Alex and Iestyn scoring. Iestyn scored 2 of the goals.
  • Lost to Wantage A 3 - 0
They all played superbly, although they did get a bit chilly by the end!

Well done to the team who are now through to the County Finals. Many thanks to Mr Rhodes for coaching the team and to the parents who helped with transport.

Sutton Courtney vs Stanford in the Vale Football Match Tuesday 7th February
Score 6 - 0 to Stanford

Team Players - Max, Ethan M, Solomon, Ethan P, Harvey, Nicholas, William G & Bailey

Harvey kicked the ball at the goal but Nicholas knocked it in to score the first goal. We all played as a team, passing so well that we managed to score 6 goals and win. Nicholas scored 2, Ethan P scored 1, Harvey scored 1, William G scored 1 and Ethan M scored 1. Sutton Courtney could of scored if it wasn't for Solomon and Max who cleared the ball from our half.

Match Report by Max

Our Lady's:
On Monday 30th January, our football team played Our Lady's.

Bailey played in goal, Ethan P, Max and Ethan M played in defence, Harvey, Nicholas and Solomon were in midfield, William and Liam were strikers and Alex was sub.

The team said, "We played like we didn't know each other and they played exceptionally well." The final score was Our Lady's 3, Stanford 0.

Reported by Max

Millbrook School:
On Monday 16th January, Mr Rhodes took the Year 3/4 football team to a tournament at Millbrook School. The team consisted of: Year 3 = Billy, Ryan, Zach, Jade and Year 4 = Iestyn, Rhys, Aimee, Alex, Henry M.

We played seven matches, won five and lost 2. We got through to the semi-final and won 2 - 0 against Grove. Then we got to the final and lost 2 -1 to Wantage A. We all had fun and in the end we came second.

Man of the match = Billy and Iestyn as top scorers with 4 each and Henry M for being excellent in goal.

Reported By - Iestyn

St. Nicholas:
On 17th November we played a match against St Nicholas. The final score was 5-1 to St Nicholas.

We played our hearts out. They were much taller than us and they could shoulder barge us off the ball, we tried shoulder barging but it hardly worked for us. Some of our throws were disallowed because we lifted our legs from the ground. Jack carried on playing even with an injury.

Thank you to the parents who took us and supported us and to our coach Mr Rhodes.

Reported by Max

Sutton Courtney:
On 21st November we played a match against Sutton Courtney. The final score was 3-3.

We played amazingly and so did Sutton Courtney, their goalkeeper was first to everything. We had a good strong side. Our throwing so brilliant and we had no foul throws. We made some great challenges and had some great foot work.
Thank you to the parents who took us and supported us and to our coach Mr Rhodes.

Reported by Max

Football at Our Lady's:
On Monday 14th November some Year 5's and 6's played a match at home against Our Lady's.

The team consisted of Nicholas, Harvey, James, Ethan P, Ethan M, Max and William G from Year 5 and Josh, Leo and Brandon from Year 6. The other team weren't bad but we managed an amazing 4-2. The goals were scored by William G twice, Harvey and Nicholas.

Match report by Josh (Captain)

Girls' Football at Millbrook:
On Friday 14th October our girls football team took part in a tournament at Millbrook.

There were nine teams taking part from across the Wantage area schools. The girls played three matches and won two, drew one.

We won 4-0 against Millbrook A, won 5-0 against St James B and drew 1-1 against Charlton which meant we got through to the semi-finals. In the semi-finals we won 2-1 against St James A so got to play in the finals where unfortunately we lost 1-0 against Charlton. This meant we were runners up! Well done to the team - Sofia, Amber, Caitlin, Grace, Aimee, Harriet, Olivia and Laura.

Abingdon Football Competition:
On Wednesday 12th October Mr Rhodes took ten children to a football competition in Abingdon.

The team were: Leo, Josh and Brandon from Year 6 and Harvey, Nicholas, Ethan P, Max, Ethan M, William G and James from Year 5. We played three matches and lost two, drew one.

We all did a great job considering they were all very good teams that we were up against. It was a bit of a disappointment not getting through to the final and although no one scored (it was an own goal that caused us to draw) we all had a great time representing the school that afternoon.

Reported by Josh (captain)