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Page Updated 31.12.19

Bluebell Class - Year 3

Teachers: Mrs Warner-King & Mrs Watkin
Teaching Assistant: Mr Godwin

Cadbury World:
First we went into the Bourneville experience museum for a talk on how to make chocolate and how it grows from 'bean to bar.'

We then had a very quick lunch! After Lunch, we went on our tour of the factory. We were given 2 bars of chocolate on our arrival!

We went into the Aztec jungle to see where the beans were grown, we then went to Bull Street where George Cadbury opened his first shop.

We went into 2 little theatres, one told us about the history of chocolate and the other told her how to make chocolate, we even had our own experience of how the beans felt when they were roasted and chopped and flattened! Our chairs all moved and it became very hot in the room to show how they were roasted.

We then went into the packaging department and were given ANOTHER chocolate bar! We saw how the chocolate was wrapped and packaged and the machines that operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, except Christmas day!

We visited 'Advertising Avenue', where we saw all the famous adverts, such as the Cadbury eyebrow advert and the drumming gorilla!

We also got to play on some virtual games and our favourite bit was visiting the Cadbury Shop!!!!

We then went to the 4D experience room – where we were taken on a virtual rollercoaster!

We had a great day!

Roald Dahl Day, 13th September 2019. Bluebell class had a fun and educational day celebrating Roald Dahl.

Students experienced some creative art activities based around Quentin Blake, learnt French with a Roald Dahl twist! And even planned and carried out a Willy Wonka inspired science experiment involving sweets!

The students looked amazing, and were even more amazing at getting stuck into the day's activities.

Well done Bluebell class!