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Page Updated 20.04.17

Orchid Class - Year 5

Teacher: Mr Pearson
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Miozga

This term we have been very busy in year 5! We took a visit to Hill End outdoor centre where we learned about orienteering and took on their hard 3 hour course. In the end we were successful and very tired!

We have also been engaging with some challenging maths! Here we had to search for hidden loop cards and then find the next question in teams. Fractions can be tricky to work with but we all got there in the end; can you solve 3 and 4/7 take away 1 and 2/9?

We had another brilliant homework project sharing afternoon. Have a look at a few of the ways projects were presented this time: we had lots of baking, posters, presentations, models and even some stop motion animation!

Excitingly, we have been able to use the fantastic Lego Wedo! We were tasked with making a rover (as our science topic has been space) that could drive along, sweep rocks and then grab one to analyse. We had to use the Lego to build the rovers, code the command module using a special program to make the rovers do what we want and then test and improve our designs! It was a lot of fun and quite tricky to solve.

In English, alongside our Storytelling unit on the Snow Queen, we have been learning lots of reading comprehension skills. One of these was how to effectively debate about a book and persuade others that they should read it too. Here you can see us using multi-link cubes – every time we wanted to say something in the debate we had to put one of our cubes in the middle, if we ran out of cubes that was us done! This meant we had to work out exactly what we wanted to say ahead of time and speak with purpose.

Finally, we have been taking part in lots of other fun activities as well. We have been learning guitar every Wednesday afternoon: this term we have been learning lots of riffs and even composing our own short melodies. We have also taken part in the wonderful whole school international day: here you can see us cooking in ‘Poland’ in year 5. Additionally we have started our peer mediation responsibilities after being trained by Mrs Webb. We can now help peacefully resolve arguments during lunchtimes and make our school a happier place! We also helped during Red Nose day by counting up all of the money for the soaking of a teacher, putting our maths skills to good use.