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Siams Outstanding and Ofsted Good Provider
Siams Outstanding and Ofsted Good Provider
Page Updated 28.03.24

Easter Parade

On Thursday 28th March FOSS organised an Easter parade.

Lots of the children got into the spirit and decorated an egg or made an Easter bonnet. The judges were so impressed they ended up giving more prizes than initially agreed.

Bonnet winners - Foundation 1st Oscar, 2nd Ella, 3rd Tosha. Year One 1st Jon, 2nd Florence, 3rd Skylar. Year Two 1st Ava, 2nd Freddie, 3rd Erianna. Year Three 1st Connor, 2nd Nefaine, 3rd Amelia. Year Four 1st Mary, 2nd Rosie, 3rd Annie. Year Five 1st Lexie, 2nd Poppy, 3rd Isla. Year Six 1st Esmay, 2nd Merryn, 3rd Imogen.

Egg winners - Foundation = Levi, Year One = Sophie, Year Two = Eira, Year Three = Georgina, Year Four = Phoebe and Bethany, Year Five = Lewis and Alfie, Year Six = Caitlin.

Many thanks to Gigaclear for the egg donations.

We sent some of the bonnets and eggs up to the Grange. The residents are loving them!